Areas of Interest

The Pacific Regional Federation of Resilience Professionals (PRFRP) aims to serve the needs of The Pacific region by raising the profile of climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction and management and their linkages to sustainable development across a broad range of sectors.

Further-more, PRFRP works towards creating an enabling environment in the region for the application of resilience best practice to support all communities in view to;

  • To promote and facilitate an enabling environment for sustainable community climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction /management, and the maintenance of ecosystem services.
  • To raise the profile of climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction /management and their linkages to development across a broad range of Resilience sectors
  • To enhance the professionalism of practitioners in the diverse fields of CCA/DRR/DRM.
  • To facilitate transition from ad-hoc and non-formal training provision on CCA/DRR/DRM via promoting formal provision of relevant qualifications and qualified training providers.
  • To adopt and promote standards and environmentally sound practices for sustainable CCA/DRR/DRM products and services – including the use of appropriate strategies, technologies and resources.
  • To promote the development of qualifications and quality training through TVET to meet industry standards and the changing environment.
  • To support and advocate the process of recognition of prior learning as a valid and quality assured process for the certification of resilience practitioners and accredited CCA/DRR/DRM qualifications /skillsets/ competencies.
  • To maintain a register of certified professional resilience practitioners.
  • To provide a code of ethics for resilience practitioners to abide by.
  • To promote relationships with relevant stakeholders (including multi-lateral and bilateral donors),
    international agencies and government ministries and departments to promote the use of best practices in CCA/DRR/DRM.
  • Other functions appropriate in relation to the promotion and professionalization of CCA/DRR/DRM (including environmental change, maintenance of ecosystem services, poverty alleviation including food and water security and remote social economic development).