PRFRP 1st Biennial AGM

The Pacific Regional Federation for Resilience Professionals (PRFRP), held its first biennial general meeting on 4th September 2020 at SPC Conference Room at Nabua, Suva. The main objective of the meeting was to establish PRFRP through setting up its first PRFRPs Executive Committee, this has been achieved.

Participants of the 1st PRFRP Biennial General Meeting


Establishment of PRFRP – Governance Structure & Operations

At the 1st PRFRP Biennial Meeting, members in attendance in person and online had voted the following member representatives to be office bearers of PRFRP Executive Committee (EC) for two years 2020 – 2022. Now that PRFRP has a governance structure in place it can proceed with operations and implement activities going-forward.

With the website now up and running, PRFRP EC can implement and manage all PRFRP activities through the website.


PRFRP Executive

Committee Position NAME
Chair Person Dr Morgan Wairiu
Vice-Chair Person Mr Apenisa Tamani
Secretary Mr Sumeet Naidu
Treasurer Mr Permal Goundar
Committee Member (1) Mr Anthony Blake
Committee Member (2) Dr. Helene Des Combe
Committee Member (3) Dr. Sarah Hemstock
Committee Member (4) Mrs Amelia Siga

Table 1.0 Office bearers of PRFRP

Office bearers of PRFRP Executive Committee (EC) for the next two years (2020 – 2022)