Our Team

Board of Trustee’s

The Pacific Regional Federation of Resilience Professionals (PRFRP), is registered as a charitable trust –non-profit organization and has Board of Trustees

Management Team


The Pacific Regional Federation of Resilience Professionals (PRFRP) is managed by an Executive Committee comprising of;

The Chair Person
The Vice Chair Person
The Secretary
The Treasurer
Ordinary Member of Executive Committee (4 Members)

Nomination of the Committee

Any regular member of the Federation can nominate an individual to serve as an Executive Committee Member.


All elected Executive Committee members must be elected by Federation members at the Biennial General Meeting every (2) years.

All elected Executive Committee members shall serve for a term of two (2) years, with responsibilities over the directions, policies and implementation of the Federations strategic plans, and policies in accordance with the pre-approved Terms of Reference (TOR).

Elected Executive Committee members shall not serve for more than two consecutive terms

It is the responsibility of the Executive Committee to determine the date, time and venue of the Biennial General Meeting and all members are to be notified of the same by public notice at least twenty –one (21) days in advance of the meeting.

Members wishing to be elected as member of the Executive Committee must be nominated by a Federation member and endorsed by at least two (2) other regular members for a position in the Committee, before they can contest the election of the same.

Such nominations must be received in writing (postal/email) by the Secretary before the Biennial General Meeting. Nomination forms will be provided with the announcement of the meeting where an election will take place.

Regular Members are permitted to be a proxy for one or more other members, who are unable to be present and cast their vote at the Biennial General Meeting. Members wishing to nominate a proxy must notify the Secretary of his/her nominee at least twenty-four (24) hours before the Biennial General Meeting is convened. A proxy form will be provided with the announcement of the meeting.

If insufficient nominations are received, it is open to the Chair Person to declare that any vacant position remaining after the Biennial General Meeting to be casual vacancies and may be filled by anyone nominated by the Executive Committee, on a temporary basis. It is therefore the duty of the Chair Person to notify all Federation members any filling of causal vacancies

Functions of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee will agree to and work towards achieving the objectives of the Federation. All committee members are expected to actively participate in the work of the committee.

Executive Committee Meetings

The Executive Committee meetings take place at-least twice a year either face-to-face or by digital means. The Secretary circulates to members of the Executive Committee the agenda for such a meeting seven (7) working days before the meeting is due to be held.

Minutes of all meetings of the Executive Committee are disseminated to all members by Secretary. The meeting shall have the full authority to pass resolution irrespective of whether the Chair Person is present or not to chair the meeting of the Executive Committee.

Any Executive Committee member who is unable to attend the meeting of the Executive Committee, must notify the Secretary of the reasons for his/her unavailability.

Any elected Executive Committee member who fails to attend or send apologies to three (3) consecutive meetings will forfeit his/her position as an Executive Committee member.

Any Executive Committee meeting will be quorate if a minimum of 51% of Executive Committee members are present at that meeting. Except as specifically provided for in this Constitution, decisions of the Executive Committee and the Federation shall be approved by a majority of all members present and voting.